About Kurt Breitenstein

kurt with backpackKurt’s journey began quite literally with a one way ticket to Asia. In 1987 the curiosity of youth combined with an adventurous spirit took him on eye-opening, and ultimately life-changing, travels through the far East and Australia. While in South West China, Kurt fell very ill and came to understand the healing power of Traditional Chinese Medicine first hand. In 1990 he began his studies of those traditions, remaining in Seoul for a year and a half, studying Su Jok Acupuncture until his return to the United States at the end of 1991.

Once back in the US, he was accepted into the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (ACTCM) in San Francisco. After graduating in 1995 with a Master’s of Science, he completed a Post Graduate fellowship at ACTCM and continued his studies in the field of acupuncture orthopedics while working at Spring Wind Herbal Company. In 1996, Kurt returned home to Colorado and opened his practice at the Washington Park Wellness Center where he has continued to practice for over 24 years.

Kurt Breitenstein is everything you should expect to find in an acupuncturist and practitioner of Chinese Medicine. He is knowledgeable, calm, funny and dedicated to supporting the health and wellness of his patients. His passion is to combine the ancient wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine with the science of movement and nutrition. This blend of old and new is what he brings to each person who walks through the door of his practice. By offering the best of both of these worlds he can help you find a clear, individual path to wellness.

Kurt is also an avid outdoorsman and the Colorado Rocky Mountains are his favorite playground. In order to enjoy the mountains, he makes it a priority to stay fit and healthy, practicing what he preaches to his patients. His weekly practices involve martial arts and kettlebell training. Kurt continues to expand his knowledge in Chinese Medicine while his practice grows and evolves to incorporate his priority to stay healthy and strong.

Kurt’s certifications include:

Certified Kenesio Tape Practitioner (CKTP)

Functional Movement System

StrongFirst Kettlebell Instructor (SFG I)